Automating the entry of supplier invoices in SAP.

When we talk about entering supplier invoices into your SAP system, two questions come to mind for any finance manager:

Is there any added value in entering invoices manually?

How much time do they spend entering supplier invoices into their system SAP?

The answer to the first question is obvious and we won't waste time answering it. So the key to deciding whether your company should embark on an automation project lies in the answer to the second question. Then there is the time spent correcting errors due to manual input. This time must be added.

Clearly, a company that has a significant volume of supplier invoices will see an almost immediate return on investment. In addition to the economic factor, there are immediate benefits such as eliminating paper, improving external image with suppliers by reducing administrative errors, minimizing invoice processing, speeding up approval procedures and eliminating manual data entry, minimizing the risk of fraud ... and above all: recovering valuable time that can be used for tasks that move the company forward.

Below we explain how we approach these types of projects at CUVIV with our customers to achieve digital transformation of their accounts payable and automation of the process.

Our automation offering is based on the use of software that captures electronic or paper invoice data in a structured manner. The technology used in the first step performs a fully accurate validation of invoices using the self-learning technology of "intelligent indexing".

Based on the information retrieved from the invoice, we perform integration in the system SAP in a monitor produced by CUVIV to verify that the information is correct, perform the appropriate validations in the system and, if everything is correct, make the posting in SAP (including integration with MM orders, if the customer so requests):

Flow of the process:

Features of the CUVIV Monitor in SAP​

  • Capture of supplier invoice / Digital document management

  • Automatic creation of Preliminary Invoices with the greatest possible amount of information

  • Approval, Posting, and Rejection of Invoices

  • Management of logistics invoices (MM) or financial invoices (FI)

  • A layout that allows comparison between digital records of invoices and documents from SAP so that they can be navigated from the MonitorVisualizar el estado de los registros

  • Display of the status of the records

  • Authorization objects for the use of the Monitor

  • Customer-specific monitor customizations through the use of BADIs


Additional Process Benefits

  • Invoicing process CERTIFIED by the tax authority. No need to keep paper invoices anymore!!!

  • Supports invoice processing in more than 20 languages

  • Collection and automatic reading of invoices, matching with the respective purchase order, including a possible link with the delivery bill

  • Use of flexible workflows for fast and mobile approval processes

  • GDPR-compliant and legally secure archiving of documents


Would you like to learn more?

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Never before has a project had such an immediate return on investment!!!