Automation of exchange rates and reference indices (interest, CPI,...)

Automation of exchange rates and reference indices (interest rates, CPI,...)

Automation of exchange rates in your SAP (or ERP) system is one of the most underestimated tasks in companies. On closer inspection, what is the consequence of an incorrect entry of an exchange rate in the standard SAP transaction? It certainly means that at least all transaction data using this value will be canceled. Moreover, it may have an impact on the cancellation of related documents, such as indemnities, cancellations of payments, etc.

Additionally, the same applies to the update of interest rates (Euribor, Libor, Central Bank Interest Rates, Inflation Indexes,...).

For this reason, at CUVIV we are considering automating the process to achieve several objectives:

  • Automation of the process to load exchange rates in SAP.

  • Elimination of errors due to human intervention.

  • Do not rely on one person when loading exchange rates.

  • Using SAP customizing standard

  • Eliminate the cost of SAP / WS developments by the customers of the connection to the various official sources (European Central Bank, Bank of Mexico, Central Bank of Romania,..)

  • Have absolutely reliable data in real-time in the system

  • Create a product with a minimal investment that pays for itself quickly

As a consequence of the above objectives, at CUVIV we have a product where we automatically connect to more than 80 international official sources of exchange rate information, download them to an AWS Database, and update the client's exchange rates. in your SAP system (transaction OB08).

You can see a demo of our product at the following link:

We also send customers an email with the log of changes (at the end of the automation process) and offer a 30-day no-obligation trial period.

In conjunction with our exchange rate automation solution featured in the video, we have released a new functionality that allows retrieving the most important interest rates and indices and automating them in SAP.

If you would like more information or a demo of our product, you can write to us at