Digitalize your company's Travel Expenses process

If we survey most companies on how travel expenses are managed, the vast majority would still need an excel sheet, a printer, and a stapler . I do not think it is strange that the employee usually enters the concepts of his trips in a spreadsheet that he later prints. Subsequently, the receipts proving the expenses are stapled and personally taken to the person in charge to sign it. Subsequently, the signed sheet is transferred to the financial or human resources department for subsequent posting in SAP and subsequent payment.

And if our value proposition translates into reducing the entire flow in a simple photograph of your ticket with your Smartphone and we take care of the rest? The general procedure to follow would be the following:

  • The employee takes a photograph of the travel expense ticket

  • The application retrieves the main ticket data via OCR and displays it in the application. In the event that the ticket corresponds to a simplified invoice, the OCR is capable of recovering the main data so that it can be registered as such (to comply with the legal requirement of the SII)

  • Once the period is over, the employee releases it for subsequent approval to his manager

  • The manager approves or rejects the employee's expenses

  • Once the expense sheet is approved, it is automatically integrated into SAP with a CUVIV development that is capable of integrating the application with the main SAP modules (FI, FI-AP, FI- TV, PA, PY,...). It can even be integrated with the SII


captio software

At the level of main benefits, we would like to highlight:

  • The application is approved by the AEAT, so it is possible to avoid having to save physical tickets

  • Thanks to the application and our integration, it is possible to register all the simplified invoices in the system to report to the SII

  • Allows VAT recovery of travel expenses

  • You can include the company's internal policies regarding travel management and at the same time have tools for fraud detection

  • Allows the management of advance payments and multi-currency management (136 currencies)

  • Automatic bank reconciliation

  • Platform available in 10 languages with the ability to read the OCR engine in 202 languages

  • Issuance of virtual cards "Emburse Cards"


captio sap


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