SAP Bank Communication Management

SAP Bank Communication Management allows companies to automatically send collection and payment files created in SAP to the various banks with which a company works.

In addition to the automation involved, several benefits result from this automation. Among the most important advantages, we highlight:

  • Avoiding possible fraud by eliminating manual interaction with the file by people

  • No access to online banking is required to perform the operation

  • Common interface for payment and collection processing

  • Visualization on the same monitor SAP BCM, how the process of sending or receiving the collection and payment file went.

  • A workflow-based approval system that ensures payments are processed with great agility through an appropriate channel.

  • Payment runs are processed in batches based on criteria predefined in the system configuration.

  • Agility to make collections and payments via SAP without the need for an invoice in SAP, virtually eliminating the need for access to online banking and the associated risk.

  • Possibility of incorporating the approval of the files via mobile through a custom application developed by CUVIV or a standard FIORI application in S/4HANA.


SAP BCM compatibility in ECC and S/4HANA

SAP BCM is an SAP module that works on both SAP ECC and S/4HANA. At the ECC level, it is required that the company has an Enhancement Package level equal to or greater than 4 and activate the Business Function FIN_FSCM_BNK


Connection Software between SAP and Banks

To correctly transmit the collection and payment files generated by SAP to the various banks, software must be installed in addition to SAP BCM to enable full integration. At the options level, we have:

  • Editran: It mainly enables connection with national banks.

  • SAP Multibank connectivity: This is the default option of SAP and allows connection with any national and international bank (as long as SAP arranges the connection against the bank in question).

  • SWIFT: Allows connection with most banks (national and international).

Likewise, if you have questions about BCM options or simply want our opinion on which software best fits your business, contact us at We will objectively explain the pros and cons of each option.