The CUVIV team helps you manage your financial resources with a variety of solutions that provide greater visibility, control and compliance in each of your processes.

How can we help you build these foundations?

  • By customising the various solutions from SAP, to obtain global bank balance sheets that help plan future cash flows.

  • Centralise payment and collection operations to achieve efficiency, control, and fraud prevention.

  • Comprehensive visibility of the entire payment and collection cycle.

  • SAP integration with various third-party sources.

  • Reduction of repetitive tasks.

A recently implemented system without standard functionalities enabled?
Legacy processes that require a lot of effort?
Wasting time on tasks that do not add value?

Entry processes



  • Development of intelligent solutions for accounting and statement clearing (bank and auxiliary accounting), including search algorithms.

  • Adaptation to local regulations, such as the collection of QR in Switzerland.

  • Attachment and monitoring of bank slip..

  • Automation of download processes of bank statements to own servers.

  • Automatic and programmed registration of bank statements in SAP, including subsequent actions such as sending emails to departments such as Finance or Administration.

  • Consultation reports with load results in a friendly manner, including comparisons of accumulated balances in the bank account.

  • Detailed knowledge of the different formats of bank statements:

    • SWIFT MT940

    • Multicash

    • Camt.053 y Camt.054

    • Local formats are covered by default

    • Develop local or niche statements that are not covered by default


Output processes


  • Automatic payments with F110 and F111 for payment orders.

  • Payments with repetitive codes.

  • Online payments as free payments or payment orders.

  • Detailed knowledge of various bank initiation messages, including:

    • SWIFT messages such as MT101, MT103 or MT104

    • ISO 20022 initiation messages such as pain.001.001.03 or pain.008.001.02 including their local specifications

    • Niche messages, such as Confirming

    • Local initiation messages not covered by the standard



Specific solutions



  • Bank reconciliation and auxiliary.

  • Improve processes for managing payments and collections with virtual POS and payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, PAYCOMET or Universal Pay, or cash on delivery settlement processes.

SAP Solutions


  • SAP Advance Payment Management APM enables advanced payment management by centralizing all of your group's activities with internal payments and payments "on behalf of" with forwarding or routing optimization.

  • SAP Multi Bank Connectivity MBCto eliminate manual intervention, and host-to-host connections and increase integration and traceability. This improves the scalability and standardization of bank connections.

  • SAP Bank Communication Management BCM, for the automation and aggregation of batch payments and approvals, improving security in the exchange of information between companies and banks.